If you are a bookie or a sports trader, you must be wondering – “How to register an Indian account name and get 10CRIC registration in India.” This is because of the recent amendment in the law making it mandatory for all sports betting operators in India to get a registration. Earlier, there was no rule that these operators must get a registration from any governmental agency or authority. They were not required to get a license to operate their business. But now with the recent amendment in the law making it compulsory, all these operators must now get a registration. So now the question arises – “How to register an Indian account name and get 10CRIC registration in India?”

Step by step Registration on 10CRIC

  1. Open the official 10Cric website.
  2. Click on the ‘Join Now‘ button on the top right corner.
  3. Fill the blanks with correct personal information.
  4. Proceed to submit contact information.
  5. Fill in the account information section.

The fact is that there are many operators who indulge in sports betting online in India. Some of them have made their business online. These operators may be based in different countries as well. There are many operators who have set up their business in India and are looking forward to operate online sports betting. These operators have registered with the ITPS (Internet Registration Service) and thus are able to operate through the World Wide Web.

If you wish to get a 10CRIC registration in India, you should check with the website of the ITPS. You will get a list of all the companies that are offering such services. Then you can browse through the list and see which account name company suits your requirements. After selecting a company that offers account name registration in India, you should check out their rates and types of registration and hosting packages. Make sure that you get to know more about the company before signing up.

10Cric online sports betting experience

When you register your account name and you pay the registration amount, make sure you get a confirmation email from the provider. This should contain all the important information about how you can access your site. Some online sports betting companies also offer online customer support and other features that can help you make sure you are satisfied with your online sports betting experience.

After you have paid for the registration of your account name in India, you will be given an IP address. This address will be used by your web hosting service provider. You need to use this IP address to access your sports betting services from India. You can then access your site from any part of the world.

Once you have made your payment and you have entered your IP address, you need to make sure you read the terms and conditions of the registration. Check these carefully before you proceed any further. There are some aspects of sports betting, which are better left to experts. If you are new to online sports betting, you should start off with low stakes. Once you gain experience and learn the ropes, you can increase your stakes to a level that you are comfortable with. India is a great place to make sure you enjoy all the aspects of sports betting.

Before you proceed to register your account name in India, make sure you are familiar with the registration process. India is not the easiest country to get the registration done. There are several steps involved in registration and you need to be aware of these steps to make sure you don’t lose your money. Take your time when you are registering and be patient.

Once you are ready to start making sports bets, you will need to purchase sports books in India. These sports books can be found all over the country. Most bookies will accept payment through credit cards. Make sure you check around for the best rates. If you follow these simple tips, making your first sports bet in India should be a breeze.