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Online Race Betting Guide

Horse races in India have been a popular sport for more than two centuries. One of the first racecourse was created in Madras, where sport is still massively popular today. The Horse Racing Industry in India has nine racecourse, managed by six horse racing authorities in India.

Satta Racing Horse is very popular throughout India, where sports bettors place bets on their horses of choice on their favorite access tracks. With conventional goals and pool bets, horse races are one of the most popular sports bets in India.

Throughout the country, state governments have put horse race bets in the 28% GST tax category. However, there is no need to worry, as there are many popular betting sites where you can place your bets easily without taxes or fees.


Indian Race has a huge fan and there are many types of horse racing events, such as Indian Derby, Indian 1000, 1000 Guineas, as well as many others where you can bet and make big money. You can follow the news from Indian Horse Racing, plus previews and betting tips to place your best horse racing bets.

  • Indian betting Derby.

The Indian derby is the largest horse racing event in the country; First race in 1943. Now the first Sunday of February, at the Mahalaxmi Hippodrome in Mumbai, and is for Colmes and fillings of four years. The Indian derby was won in 2019 by STAR higher, and was the first victory in this race for coach Rajesh Narredu. Do not wait to start your research for Derby Indian bets.

  • Indian 1000 Guineas Betting

The Indian 1000 Guineas is a race for fillings of three years: it runs in December in Mumbai. Race 2021 was won by the Rondine, and was the first victory for coach Vishal Gaikwad. It is the Indian version of the 1000 Guineas, which can read more then, but it is always a good time to start looking for some odds of Guineas Indian 1000 betting.

  • Indian 2000 Guineas Betting

The Indian 2000 Guineas is the Indian version of the Guineas race in English 2000, and also runs in December at Mumbai for three-year-old children, but Fillies and Colts can enter. The 2021 edition was won by Sir Cecil, which was trained by Sadakshara Padmanabhan, who has now won the Grade 1 200 Guineas twice. Take a look at your horses when you are doing some indian 2000 guineas bets!